Annual Coding Competition - 2017
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Category 1:
  • This category is reserved for games. Any tools or toys should be submitted as category 2.
  • Mapper 28 compatible entry up to 64KB with NO PRG-RAM

  • Prizes as follows:
      1st Place - $512
      2nd Place - $256
      3rd Place - $128
      4th Place - $64
      5th Place - $32

  • Limited Edition multicarts for all meritorious entries (at judges discretion)
  • Judging criteria and full submission requirements - WORK IN PROGRESS
  • Anonymous entries are allowed if you wish to opt out of receiving a prize, but would still like your submission included. You may also opt out of any prizes without submitting anonymously.
  • By submitting an entry into this contest, you are giving full consent to use the entry on the multicart. Submissions must meet multicart standards to be inlcuded (see below under general guidelines)

tepples wrote:
Mapper-specific advice:
  • NROM-128: Be careful not to write to $8000-$FFFF. Test with a breakpoint on writes to ROM.
  • NROM, CNROM: Be careful not to overwrite CHR ROM. Test with a breakpoint on writes to PPU $0000-$1FFF.
  • NROM, CNROM, ANROM, BNROM: $FFD0-$FFF9 of each 32K PRG ROM bank must be unused.
  • UNROM (2): $FFD0-$FFF9 must be unused.
  • UNROM (180): $BFD0-$BFF9 must be unused.
  • A53: Write to register $81 only once, at the beginning of the program, and match the values written to $80 to the size of the entry: $00-$0F for 32K entries and $10-$1F for 64K entries. Specify whether $FFD0-$FFF9 or $BFD0-$BFF9 is unused.
Excessive padding is discouraged. For example, an entry's 10 KiB of PRG data shouldn't be strewn across a 32 KiB PRG ROM; it should instead be packed into 16 KiB. Nor should a CNROM have two CHR ROM banks that are less than half full; NROM with $2000 switching is usually better for that situation. This helps ensure more entries can fit on the multicart.

  • Contest runs until January 31, 2018.
  • Entries should be submitted by February 1st 12:00AM CST
  • Commercially released entries, and previously submitted entries with no changes are discouraged.
  • Multiple entries are allowed and encouraged.
  • Only one cash/cartridge/other physical prize will be awarded per entrant across all categories. If multiple submissions place in a cash winning position, the greatest prize will be awarded, and the runner up will receive the prize. You can only win one cash prize*. You can only win one cartridge**. You can only win one other physical prize.
  • Entries must be original. Plagiarism and copyright infringement will result in disqualification.
  • Use of existing tools/libraries/code qualify as long as permission has been granted by the author.
  • Collaborations are allowed, prize distribution will be decided by those who collaborated on the project. This decision should be known by the person who submitted the entry as they will be our primary contact. Please make these decisions beforehand.
  • There are no restrictions on submissions including explicit content.
  • Publishers and organizers reserve the right to request changes to your entry for content exceeding E10+ ESRB rating prior to inclusion on published cartridges.
*In the event that a single entrant wins multiple cash prizes, regardless of who collaborated on the projects, the person who submits the project represents the whole. i.e., Project A and Project B won 1st and 2nd respectively. They were submitted by Bob. Larry was a collaborator on Project B. There will still only be one cash prize for the two projects.
**If the entry is a collaboration, additional cartridges may be purchased at cost for fellow collaborators (or deducted from a cash prize if applicable).

Category 2 (the non-contest):

  • Anything Goes - old unreleased stuff, modified existing stuff, whatever. If it runs on the NES/FC feel free to submit it.
  • There will be no cash prizes awarded for this category.
  • Dev. Edition NON-Numbered multicarts and (possible) other prizes for all entries included on the multicart (at judges discretion)
  • Depending on the configuration of the entry, it may not be possible to include it on the multicart, however, at the judges discretion multicarts and physical prizes will be awarded. For exceptional submissions, extra effort may be done to adapt the game/cartridge hardware to support being included in the multicart.
  • Entrants are not required to consent to multicart inclusion upon submission.
  • Since this category will not be ranked or judged, it will also not be under the strict submission dates and times. If it is submitted before the multicart is released, then it is fair game. Keep in mind, the sooner it is submitted the better chance it will have at making it onto the multicart.
  • Entries in this category will also not be under the restriction of the General Guidelines above, but material you do not have rights to will not be considered for the multicart.

Category 2 is intended to give publicity to homebrewers by having their work placed on the nesdevcompo website, and to encourage entrants to finish their projects.

Category 1:

    Judging will be done by two groups. Both groups will be using the same judging criteria. The first group is a select group of pre-determined judges. The second group will be anyone who submits an entry in this category. The results of the pre-selected judges will be included as a weighted average in with the rest of the votes. The incentive for submitters to vote will be that they will automatically score their own game for full points. In the event that a pre-selected judge submits an entry, the weighted average for their entry will be the average of the other pre-selected judges scores and a full score will be averaged along with the other entries.

Judging Criteria:

Art and Style5
Polish and Completeness10

Category 2:

    This category will not be judged/ranked.

Submission Guidelines
  • All entries will be submitted via email in zip format.
  • Please submit with the following subject line:
    • Category X - Entry Name - Username
  • Please only submit 2 files:
    • A description.txt with the appropriate information (please note, this is different from previous years).
    • The rom file in the .nes format
  • Please submit entries to the email address below.

If you wish to include additional resources, please attach them to a forum thread and include the URL in the description.txt

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