2019-20 NESDev Competition

The 2019 competition is almost over! For details please visit the 2019 page. If you have any questions, please feel free to send a message or post on the NESDev thread linked in the title bar.

I've also added the submission details so please check those out. Entries should be submitted by March 1st 12:00AM CST


Updates! - Feb 27/2020

It has been a long time with no updates, but things have been happening behind the scenes. Action53Vol4 is very close to release. Software-wise things are pretty much finalized, but were aren't going to make our February goal for release. Realistically, we are looking at May/April to get everything printed and ready to go. If you haven't seen any of the artwork yet, you should check out @mteegfx on twitter for some tasty previews.

Now that Nintendoage no longer exists, I am hosting this under my own domain. Please let me know if anything is awry. I've made some behind the scenes changes that have yet to be applied to all the pages, so I appreciate patience in this matter. My priority will be getting the 2019-20 entries available and judged as quickly as possible after the close of the competition, followed by updating the 2018 page to include results and writeups for each of the entries.

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RIP NintendoAGE thanks for the years of support!