Annual Coding Competition - 2019
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You can DOWNLOAD all the Category 1 entries HERE.

These are the submissions for the 2019 Nesdev Coding Competition. The final results are below.

Category 1Final Result
Veggie Invaders41.51
Nin Nin40.51
Save The Kuin40.05
Falling Tiles38.55
Super City Mayor32.13
Hot Dance 202023.07

Category 1

Blockage - Scott Lowe
Intro Gameplay

Navigate a ball to a goal through 32 levels of increasing complexity.

Bloodfall - Dr. Ludos
Intro Gameplay

Kill zombies for highscore! Beware, this game is quite violent/gore and absolutely not suitable for children: the core gameplay involves dismembering zombies by shooting at them, resulting in a lot of blood splatters.

Böbl - Morphcat Games
Intro Gameplay

You're a bubble. Water is your friend, solid tiles kill you."rubber ducky jumps" only. Hold A to dive, then release and let buoyancy handle the rest

Falling Tiles - Doug Fraker
Intro Gameplay

For too long, zapper games have been neglected. But now there is Falling Tiles. Aim for a high score. Compete with your friends. Have fun. Shoot at the tile just as it enters the box. Wait too long and you get a strike (x). Three x's and it is Game Over.

Hot Dance 2020 - adrian09_01
Intro Gameplay

It's a hot party tonight. Dance to three new hot songs on your NES or a Famiclone in this game inspired by good old DDR bootlegs.

Nalleland - Nallebeorn
Intro Gameplay

Nalle goes on a perilous gem-hunting adventure, equipped only with an enchanted dressmaker pin.

NIN NIN - The Mojon Twins
Intro Gameplay

I made this simple platformer for my 5 y.o. kid so he could play one of those games dad makes but not get (very) frustrated. Ninjajar has been told that her novia is hidden in a dark castle. Ninjajar decides, of course, to go find her and stuff.

nnnnnn - Nathan Tolbert
Intro Gameplay

A NES clone of the Gravitron from Terry Cavanagh's excellent game, VVVVVV. For 1-4 players. Press start on any controller at any time to leave or exit the game.

Save the Kuin - Kaffeeware
Intro Gameplay

Action-adventure game. Hold start + direction pad to change items. Use items with A and B. Maximun of 3 for each item. Cancel with B. Confirm with A. Staying at inns serve as check points.

Super City Mayor - Christopher Pow, InfiniteNesLives, Scott Lembcke, Mark LaCroix
Intro Gameplay

As the mayor of a small town you must keep your town looking its best. As the city infrastructure crumbles around you, lend a hand to fix things up. Control either the mayor or deputy mayor moving them around town. When near a crumbled building, repair it with A. Fix the entire city before time runs out!

Veggie Invaders - Studio Dustmop
Intro Gameplay

Alien Vegetables have kidnapped your dog! But they left something behind, a technological frisbee that's key to the rescue. Veggie Invaders in a top-down scrolling adventure featuring cute graphics, fun music, and fast-paced action.

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