Annual Coding Competition - 2018
View the 2018 Rules/Guidelines here.

You can DOWNLOAD all the Category 1 entries HERE.

Category 1:

    Judging will be done by two groups. Both groups will be using the same judging criteria. The first group is a select group of pre-determined judges. The second group will be anyone who submits an entry in this category. The results of the pre-selected judges will be included as a weighted average in with the rest of the votes. The incentive for submitters to vote will be that they will automatically score their own game for full points. In the event that a pre-selected judge submits an entry, the weighted average for their entry will be the average of the other pre-selected judges scores and a full score will be averaged along with the other entries.

Judging Criteria:

Art and Style10
Polish and Completeness10

Category 2:

    This category will not be judged/ranked.

Submission Guidelines
  • All entries will be submitted via email in zip format.
  • Please submit with the following subject line:
    • Category X - Entry Name - Username
  • Please only submit 2 files:
    • A description.txt with the appropriate information (please note, this is different from previous years).
    • The rom file in the .nes format
  • Please submit entries to the email address below.

If you wish to include additional resources, please attach them to a forum thread and include the URL in the description.txt

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