Annual Coding Competition - 2018
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You can DOWNLOAD all the Category 1 entries HERE.

These are the submissions for the 2018 Nesdev Coding Competition. The final results are below.

Category 1Final Result
Gruniożerca 353.72
Super Homebrew War50.797
We are Hejickle49.32
Tesla Vs Edison44.76
Critical Match39.68
Chicken of the Farm39.48
Squirrel Domino36.88
Meo-Jellos 235.09
Split Second34.90
Block Dude31.74

Multiplayer Results
1st - Super Homebrew War
2nd - Tesla Vs. Edison
3rd - Squirrel Domino

Category 1

Block Dude - Mitch3a
Intro Gameplay

Port of the TI-Calculator puzzle game. In 11 puzzling levels, Block Dude, must make his way to the door using blocks to help travel otherwise out-of-reach platforms.

Chicken Of The Farm - Link_7777 & Mitch3a
Intro Gameplay

As a frog, you'll platform through 23 levels and a final boss. Beware of arrows, snakes and the always-annoying birds. Collect keys to unlock the portal to the next level. For the ultimate challenge, collect all flies along the way.

Critical Match - Scott Lembcke
Intro Gameplay

A hybrid platformer/puzzler. Stack atoms to match shapes and keep the reaction going!

Espitene - The Mojon Twins
Intro Gameplay

Cheril found a mysterious puppet in the junkyard. Upon examining it, she knew she had a mission. Help Cheril, dressed as the puppet, to chase evil Somari, and find the six emeralds of Podewwwr.

Euchre - Doug Fraker
Intro Gameplay

Once hailed as the most popular game in America, Euchre is a fast-paced card game that requires cunning strategy to win.

Gruniożerca 3 - Łukasz Kur & M-Tee
Intro Gameplay

Help guinea pigs Grunio and Dzidzia clean up their house before their owners get home!

Melo-Jellos 2 - Adrian Makes Games
Intro Gameplay

You bought Magic Jellies. You tried to eat them, just to find out they're as hard as a rock!

Split Second - Skadiet
Intro Gameplay

Split Second was a hand-held game originally introduced in 1980 by Parker Brothers. There are eight mini games: Mad Maze (Visible, Preview, and Invisible), Space Attack (Beginner and Pro), Auto Cross, Stomp, and Speedball.

Squirrel Domino - NovaSquirrel
Intro Gameplay

Guide dominoes into your playfield and use them to erase the squares. Lines of four or more of a color disappear.

Squish The Bouncing Cat Ball - Micheal MacLean
Intro Gameplay

Squish is an infinite runner based on my wife's stuffed cat.

Super Homebrew War - Nathan Tolbert
Intro Gameplay

Use characters from many other NES homebrew games, and duke it out to see who's the best.

Tesla Vs. Edison - RADTEK
Intro Gameplay

Control either Tesla or Edison in this ponglike with powerups and a whole lot more. Protect the light bulbs on your side by moving the paddle up and down. Maneuver your scientist to the lever to make your paddle go faster, or position him under the ball to catch a falling "IDEA". Hit A or B to use the IDEA, or press SELECT to save it for later. First player to break all the opposing bulbs wins!

We Are Hejickle - Pubby
Intro Gameplay

A small roguelike. Hold B and press other buttons to change weapon, spell, and direction. Select is usable on most screens and menus to view helpful explanation texts.

Category 2

NESert Golfing - Brad Smith
Intro Gameplay

Try to get the ball in the hole! Supports SNES mouse and 1-4 controllers.

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