Annual Coding Competition - 2011
These are the submissions for the 2011 Nesdev Coding Competition. The final results are as follows.

NROMFinal Result
LAN Master35.75
Lawn Mower34.75
Slappin' Bitches26.75
Forehead Block Guy24.25

Free-for-allFinal Result
Super Bat Puncher20
Panesian Power11
Speech Synth9

For a detailed breakdown of how these results were obtained, click here. As a reminder, as stated in the rules, multiple submissions are allowed in both categories, but you are only eligible for one prize in each category. Congratulations to our winners: Tepples, Shiru, Mario's Right Nut, Miau, Bunnyboy, Denine.

Memblers will be in contact with the winners of the FFA contest, and the winners of the NROM contest will be contacted by WhatULive4.


Forehead Block Guy - NovaYoshi
Intro Gameplay

Launch blocks from your forehead to stun enemies. Then touch them once stunned to finish the job. Kill all the enemies to proceed to the next level.

Lan Master - Shiru
Intro Gameplay

Use your skills as a networking master to connect all the computers, 50 levels in total!

Lawn Mower - Shiru
Intro Gameplay

Cut the grass and don't run out of time. Collect gas cans to extend your mowing session.

Slappin' Bitches - Mario's Right Nut
Intro Gameplay

Protect your fortress from suicide tanks in this epic button mashing game.

Thwaite - Tepples
Intro Gameplay

Protect the citizens! Use your missiles to defend the attack.


Panesian Power - Bunnyboy
Intro Gameplay

Pull out your zappers and lube, for an exciting NSFW experience.

Super Bat Puncher - Miau
Intro Gameplay

Join Roast of BEEF and Sir Loin in this multiplayer platformer *now with bat punching action*

Melanchony Of Existance Chapter 0 - Denine
Intro Gameplay

Check out this Dizzy's Adventure style platformer. Collect items, and use them in the correct locations to unlock the next piece of the puzzle.

NES Speech Synthesizer - Memblers

Every wonder what the NES would sound like if it could talk? Here is your chance! Enter a string of text and hit Start to listen. Select increases the speed.

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