The Contest
What is it? Where did it come from? The original idea for the competition stemmed from a NESDev thread by user Jeroen in 2010. Eventually a handful of users decided on rules and a deadline.

The emphasis of the competition is to keep it run by the community. Without hours of volunteer work, none of this would be possible. To fund the competition, a multi-cart containing the entries is occasionally released and sold through InfiniteNESLives. Any profit made goes directly back into the competition.

While we started to see more NES releases by 2010, there were still a ton of projects and demos people were never finishing. One strategy was to constrain people to NROM and encourge them to release projects. Considering the amount of entries we have had over the years, I would say we have been quite successful.

The Organizers
Website - Submissions - Organizing
Bradley Bateman - @NESHomebrew - Mastodon

Cartridge Production - Distribution - Finances
Paul Molloy - @InfiniteNESLive - website

Cartridge Mapper Design and Software
Damian Yerrick - website

Johnathan Roatch - Software updates, A53 maintenance - website
M-Tee - Artwork, Packaging, etc - @mteegfx - website
Joey Parsell (Memblers) - @JoeParsell

Contact Info
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please send them to:

Friends of the competition: | NESDev Forum | Video Game Sage | Infinite NES Lives | The Assembly Line Podcast |
RIP NintendoAGE thanks for the years of support!