Annual Coding Competition - 2017
View the 2017 Rules/Guidelines here.

These are the submissions for the 2017 Nesdev Coding Competition. The final results are below.

Category 1Final Result
Gruniożerca 244.612
Project Blue43.716
The Alfonzo Game38.582
Miedow (Cheril's Nightmares)38.104
Jammin Honey35.804
Robo-Ninja Climb34.956
Star Evil34.860
Inherent Smile32.566
Alfonzo Melee32.548
Nothing Good Can Come Of This30.200

You can DOWNLOAD all the Category 1 entries HERE.

Category 1

Alfonzo Melee! - Tomas Guinan
Intro Gameplay

Alfonzo and his friends compete in a friendly battle to the death. Alfonzo and his friends compete in a friendly battle to the death.

F-FF - Pubby
Intro Gameplay

A basic racing game for one or two players.

Gruniożerca 2 - Łukasz Kur & M-Tee
Intro Gameplay

Help Grunio the guinea pig rescue his owner, Archon, from their labyrinthine cellar.

Inherent Smile - Calima & Lauri Kasanen
Intro Gameplay

Dungeon-crawling 3d RPG. Can you find your way out, and pick up glorious treasure while on the way? Including not dying.

Jammin Honey - Doug Fraker
Intro Gameplay

Honey needs to make her way through 30 levels of slime monsters and obstacles to fight the evil Mr. Fancy Hat. Customize Honey's clothes, just for fun. Collect coins and defeat enemies for extra points and extra lives. Have fun!

LightShields - ZutanoGames
Intro Gameplay

Take command of a star fighter and test your skills against a friend (of foe) in this game of agility and wit! Try to blast your opponent before they blast you, and be sure to use your shield to your advantage.

Miedow (Cheril's Nightmares) - Mojon Twins
Intro Gameplay

After walking into the shrine, Cheril falls asleep. In her dreams, a voice commands her to find her daughters...

Nothing Good Can Come Of This - NES port by KHAN Games
Intro Gameplay

Nothing Good Can Come of This is an arcade game that appears at Magfest every year. It always proves to be very popular. After speaking to the creator, he agreed it would be great to port it to the NES. This is that game. Get the gun, get the bullet, and shoot the other player before he shoots you. Easy, right?

Project Blue - Toggle Switch & Frankengraphics
Intro Gameplay

In the dystopian wasteland of Neo Hong Kong, help Blue escape from the evil clutches of the Omnicorp conglomerate.

Robo-Ninja Climb - Nathan Tolbert
Intro Gameplay

Help Robo-Ninja complete his training! Climb the walls and dodge obstacles to reach the top.

Star Evil - Pubby
Intro Gameplay

A remake of the Action52 classic! Not all is what it seems...

The Alfonzo Game Demo - Spoony Bard Productions
Intro Gameplay

Alfonzo must collect all of the raw fish in each level, with only his trusty stick to defend himself against enemies. Alfonzo will meet various friends in igloos along the way.

Wolfling - Lazycow
Intro Gameplay

Ling is thrown into Baron Baranov's dungeon, because moonlight turns her into a werewolf. Can she escape? Can she break her curse?

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