Annual Coding Competition - 2016
View the 2016 Rules/Guidelines here.

These are the submissions for the 2016 Nesdev Coding Competition. The final results are below.

Category 1Final Result
Twin Dragons - Glutock43.368
Nebs 'n Debs - Chris Cacciatore41.15
Filthy Kitchen - Dustmop37.668
Lala the Magical - Mojon Twins37.496
Cheril the Goddess - Mojon Twins36.99
Sinking Feeling - Calima31.286
Karate Kick - Michael Moffitt30.772
Flappy Jack - Dougeff29.278
Wo xiang niào niào - Mojon Twins29.234
The Paths of Bridewell - Zkip27.346
240P Test Suite - Damian Yerrick27.018
Jupiter Scope 2 - Nin-kuuku26.324
Mini Brix Battle - Punch25.938
Spacey McRacey - Nathan Tolbert24.342
Waddles the Duck - cppchriscpp23.388
Super Tilt Bro. - Sylvain Gadrat21.302
Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Sbock - Dougeff20.298
Wrecking Balls - Rahsennor18.734

You can download all the Category 1 entries here.
You can download all the Category 2 entries here.

Category 1

240P Test Suite - Damian Yerrick
Intro Gameplay

Tool to evaluate TV and upscaler processing of NES 240p video. Also includes a stopwatch to time how long your roommate has been on the phone.

Cheril the Goddess - Mojon Twins
Intro Gameplay

Cheril must obtain the Skull of Podewwwr and use its power to become a goddess. In order to do so, she must open three gates and unlock a magic column.

Filthy Kitchen - Dustmop
Intro Gameplay

The kitchen is filthy, clean it up!

Flappy Jack - Dougeff
Intro Gameplay

You are Jack, working at Flappy's Diner. Try to catch all the pancakes thrown at you for a high score.

Jupiter Scope 2 - Nin-kuuku
Intro Gameplay

Prequel to classic Jupiter Scope from Action 52. You are defending the mermaids of the oceans of Europa from evil meteorites.

Karate Kick - Michael Moffitt
Intro Gameplay

This is a port of a little game made for iOS about five years ago under the same name. It is a very simple arcade-style game that gets progressively more difficult as time passes. The player controls a karate master (who only kicks?) in the center of a dojo, defending against many identical goons who seek a challenge.

Lala the Magical - Mojon Twins
Intro Gameplay

Lala, who is learning magic, plans to steal her teacher's magic wand to gain enough power to travel to the Sky Palace to retrieve three gems.

Mini Brix Battle - Punch
Intro Gameplay

You are a cute unidentified lifeform that, for some reason, has to break walls of different layouts.

Nebs 'n Debs - Chris Cacciatore
Intro Gameplay

Debs crashed on an alien planet and needs to collect enough crystals to repair her ship and return home. Luckily, she has the help of an accidental ally Nebs, who gives her the ability to dash through enemies, across chasms, and into all sorts of danger.

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Sbock - Dougeff
Intro Gameplay

A modern twist on the classic Rock, Paper, Scissors. Adding Lizard and Sbock makes the game faster paced and less predictable.

Sinking Feeling - Calima
Intro Gameplay

Taking helm of a Russian destroyer, banish those Swedish subs once and for all from the waters of the Motherland.

Spacey McRacey - Nathan Tolbert
Intro Gameplay

Spacey McRacey is a 4-player party style game in which you fly a spaceship, and get points for staying in the lead.

Super Tilt Bro. - Sylvain Gadrat
Intro Gameplay

You are landed with a friend on a desolate platform. Take him out and be the king!

The Paths of Bridewell - Zkip
Intro Gameplay

Can you help Little Billy escape The Paths of Bridewell? Slash your way through a handful of levels with bats, spiders, and other creepy things lurking around the corners in order to make it to the end of the Bridewell enchamberment, but what lies at the end to make sure you stay where you belong?

Twin Dragons - Glutock
Intro Gameplay

The infamous Cater Killar has kidnapped one of the twin dragons. Pick up your favorite character and go through a journey to help your twin, crushing the various dangers in different worlds.

Waddles the Duck - cppchriscpp
Intro Gameplay

You are a duck taken out of his own timeline, trying to find his way home. A typical sidescroller with a slight twist.

Wo xiang niào niào - Mojon Twins
Intro Gameplay

Lin Lin knows the frog king won't be pleased until he receives *at least* eight flies, and he's blocking the toilet. Gosh, that's a bummer. So collect at least eight flies on your way to the toilet (which is located uhm... straight to the right) and he'll let you pass.

Wrecking Balls - Rahsennor
Intro Gameplay

A four-player versus game based on Bomberman. Blow up walls to get more and bigger bombs, and blow up the other players to win!

Category 2

Misc Utilities - Johnathan Roatch
Intro Gameplay

Things that were made for the multicart during 2016.

Russian Roulette - James Calderon
Intro Gameplay

From the land that has produced the greatest chess minds comes a very different mind game. It now stands before you, not as a test of crude brawn, but as an intense battle of wits.

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