Annual Coding Competition - 2014
View the 2014 Rules/Guidelines here.

These are the submissions for the 2014 Nesdev Coding Competition. The final results are as follows.

Category 1Final Result
Love Story42.2
Sliding Blaster33.2
Pong 198x28.9
Dig Deeper19.7

Category 2Final Result
PCB Artist23
SFX Editor19

InfiniteNESLives will be in contact with the winners. Congrats everyone, and thank-you for making the 2014 contest another success!

You can download all the Category 1 entries here.
You can download all the Category 2 entries here.

Category 1

Dig Deeper Demo- InfiniteNESLives
Intro Gameplay

Submitted as a demo showing the basic controls, collision detection, and animation that will be the backbone of this project once it is finished.

Function - Denine
Intro Gameplay

Program the green block to eliminate the blue blocks. This game is sure to have your brain working overtime.

Love Story - Tom Livak
Intro Gameplay

You must rescue your true love! Play as the hero or the heroine in this challenging scrolling platformer.

MilioNESy - Denine
Intro Gameplay

Answer videogame related questions in this adaptation of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!"

Pong 198X - Dr Dementia
Intro Gameplay

Pong like you've never seen before, with a few appearances from some familiar characters.

RHDE:Furniture Fight - Damian Yerrick
Intro Gameplay

Rampart and the SIMS combine in this 2 player battle for the ultimate home. Steal furniture, destroy walls, and perfect your Feng Shui for max points.

Sliding Blaster - NovaSquirrel
Intro Gameplay

Collect ammunition, slide around, shoot the enemies. Master the art of sliding and shooting with an arcade feel and unique controls.

Category 2 - App Entries

PCB Artist - InfiniteNESLives
Intro Gameplay

There is no auto-router for the NES. Manually complete the circuits with increasing difficulty.

SFX Editor - NovaSquirrel

Test out your own sound effects using real hardware adjusting volume and frequency.

Theremin - Tom Livak
Intro Gameplay

A simulated theremin on the NES. Compatible with SNES mouse!

Category 3 - Open entries

Auge - Krill
Intro Gameplay

A horizontal shooter complete with explosions and powerups. Follow the progress here.

Double Action Blaster Guys - NovaSquirrel
Intro Gameplay

Blast through enemies and move onto the next round. Follow the progress here.

Flight Minigames - Johnathan Roatch
Intro Gameplay

Destined to be a collective of flight based minigames. Follow the progress here.

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